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Love Inks. 07/09/11

Interviewed for Bearded Magazine

Love Inks are the trio from Texas’ music capital Austin whose brand of minimalist guitar pop has brought the band success at home and in Europe too.
Sherry LeBlanc, their charismatic and insightful singer, took the time to chat to us about the nature of the band, the importance of personal hygiene and the need for a little mystery.

Your debut album E.S.P. has drawn comparisons with The xx, Beach House, Warpaint and Fleetwood Mac. What do you hear in the record other than yourselves?

I think it’s hard as a musician to listen to your music and hear anything other than yourself. It’s comparable to asking someone what celebrity they see when they look in the mirror. We were so involved with these songs from bare bones to recording that it may even be hard for us to have a basic understanding of what they sound like when heard for the first time. However, I’m absolutely wild about all of those bands and very flattered by the comparisons.

You’ve been together a relatively short time as a band. Did your sound come together naturally from the beginning?

We spent hours discussing what sound we were going for before we had our first rehearsal. I believe those discussions helped create a natural understanding and ease when we played for the first time. There’s always going to be some fine-tuning and negotiation but, in general, we had the basic idea down from the get-go. Read more…