Live Music Reviews


Esmerine / Eric Chenaux / Olan Mill @ The Cube, Bristol 13.05.12

Reviewed for Bearded Magazine

Long may the relationship between Constellation Records and The Cube continue; last year they lent us Siskiyou for a night, now they’ve only gone and flown us over Esmerine (part Godspeed You! Black Emperor, part Thee Silver Mt. Zion, part earthly paradise) AND Eric Chenaux – who is the best kind of surprise one could hope for – in the role of supporting artist. Canada has long been one of the world’s musical superpowers; that such diverse talent as this resides on the same label is testament to Constellation’s love for music. That we get to see such talent time and again in a small independent cinema in the west country is part of the distinct upside to globalisation, and too, a fruit that never sours. Read More . . .