Annette Berlin Plus Friends @ Cafe Kino, Bristol 21.07.12

Cafe Kino plays host to popular Bristol night ‘Plug 58’

Reviewed for Bearded Magazine
Annette Berlin Plus Friends @ Cafe Kino, Bristol 21.07.12With the centre of Bristol teeming with Harbour Festival attendees, Saturday night in Stokes Croft becomes a much more peaceful affair than normal. One has to laugh, when the hordes fenced into a once picturesque Queen Square by a ring of sausage stalls are unaware that for the price of a single sausage, or a spoonful of Thai green curry (with potato in?!) they could be sat in the company of well-informed and smiling intellectual types, witnessing a world class line-up. A line-up constructed with care, performing feet in front of you, a good quality beverage in your hand, a feeling of belonging . . . Read more . . .