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Bearded’s Guide To… Bristol. An Interview with Matt Loveridge

for Bearded Magazine

Bearded’s Guide To… Bristol. An Interview with Matt Loveridge
Self confessed “weirdo”, Matt Loveridge (Williams), aka MXLX/Fairhorns/Klad Hest/Gnar Hest/Knife Library, is a prolific maker of electronic and experimental music, who strikes a very likeable and healthy balance of exuberance versus cynicism versus self-deprecation. Loveridge has been associated with a number of celebrated Bristol acts outside of his solo work, and is dedicated to his art and respected by his peers, and that’s not weird at all. In truth, he talks a lot of sense.Bearded: With so many active projects or alter egos, can you explain how the material for each one emerges? Are there distinct root points in the pool of ideas that flag things up as being appropriate for particular personas, or is it a case of working on each branch independently from the beginning?

Matt: After Team Brick “disbanded”, it was a slow and kinda confusing process. I ended up taking each element that I still enjoyed from that and putting it in its own, more focused place, where things had time to expand upon their own merit, rather than being a puzzled jigsaw. So, for every project I’m working on, it’ll be a mixture of the continuation of a certain aspect of the old days and a general aesthetic or reaction. I tend to cycle round projects one by one, and the last thing I did by one thing may feed into the next thing I’ll do. Each project has its own quite strict not-quite dogma to it, and it’s starting to make more sense the more I work on them. It’s interesting to see how everything’s changed in just a year or so since I started everything again, to watch them flesh out and take on their own character in ways I wasn’t expecting; every project has started with this one little seed of an idea/aesthetic/reaction and kind of tumbled forward all in very different directions. Read more . . .