Three 200 word stories for Real & Imagined Lives (Exhibition Now Closed)

Joel Rowan Morgan


IRIS MURDOCH      Copyright © JOEL ROWAN MORGAN – August 2012.

Staring into the mechanical eye, one imagines one is looking through the lens into the future, whereas you are looking back into the past, in this case my past, yet it is but one moment in time. One click; yet for me time is still moving, as it is for you now. Yet, in one short moment, you have made the decision to hear my voice; or to walk away, to query something else all together, to turn to the person next to you, or to turn away. Each single moment, each decision another bead on a string, an independent choice, for better or for worse, maybe.

I am the subject, an artist, yet I kneel before another, who is the mother of the image. The artist’s job is to make these autonomous decisions, but these are not among…

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