Three 200 word stories for Real & Imagined Lives (Exhibition Now Closed)

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IRIS MURDOCH      Copyright © JOEL ROWAN MORGAN – August 2012. Staring into the mechanical eye, one imagines one is looking through the lens into the future,…

Play of the Day

Sparrows at Play and Fighting, Crashing into the Adjacent Table Whilst You Were in the Toilet


West Bay (A Panorama)

The Wordless Other Side


Slanger og Stiger

I stop to listen. The clacking of loaded dice; numerical signal boxes.

The Fluttering Veil

The world is clouds and mirrors. We cannot fail.

Embers (Twelfth night)

One of the best presents I received this Christmas was in fact one that we all received, though truthfully too few of us would’ve known about it. Indeed — confirmed as it were… Continue reading

Cloudrunner in situ, abroad

‘PRIMA VISTA’ with the BERGEN IMPRO-STORBAND 18/12/13 @Landmark, Bergen (Norway)   This Wednesday evening gave Bergen the last concert of the year from its resident Improvisation Big Band – a collective open to… Continue reading


BEGIN. The way things have been this year is somewhat twofold-extraordinary and periodically transitional.   Make for yourself a religion of me, Piece together the information that you need, It’s ‘o-k’, it’s real,… Continue reading

The Centurionaut

                THE CENTURIONAUT  Copyright © Joel Rowan Morgan, May 2013 In response to the ANTA LP, Centurionaut (Thrones & Dominions) – Released June 14th  The air… Continue reading

ilin island cloudrunner

Forgotten, for a time . . .

It’s hard to make these posts these days, as I’ve been doing less music writing and more creative work, which is all being saved up for competitions and for paper publishing. Last year… Continue reading

Three 200 word stories for Real & Imagined Lives (Exhibition Now Closed)

IRIS MURDOCH      Copyright © JOEL ROWAN MORGAN – August 2012. Staring into the mechanical eye, one imagines one is looking through the lens into the future, whereas you are looking back into… Continue reading


Chelsea Wolfe – Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs (Sargent House)  I am always on the lookout for understated records with such sustained clarity of tone and voice so as they become embedded in… Continue reading

Questing Folk

Mikey Kenney & Ottersgear – The Quest for Rest (Sotones) Reviewed for Bearded Magazine When they roll out the clichés about the difficulties of making the follow up album, one should really consider… Continue reading


Josephine Foster @ The Cube, Bristol 03.11.12 Reviewed for Bearded Magazine In Spanish, the word ‘duende’ – literally a fairy or goblin-like creature – is used to describe the alchemical feeling when all is… Continue reading

A poem

ABILENE PARADOX I pride myself on knowing when to quit, Feeling my age, touching nails to teeth, As I silently perform, Appendectomies of inequality, Cutting out the useless bits, Trusting in fear to… Continue reading


REAL & IMAGINED LIVES @ M SHED, BRISTOL. The Real & Imagined Lives exhibition features written pieces by myself and other local writers, in conjunction with borrowed exhibits from the National Portrait Gallery. 

Meta Lurgy

Bearded’s Guide To… Bristol. An Interview with Matt Loveridge for Bearded Magazine Self confessed “weirdo”, Matt Loveridge (Williams), aka MXLX/Fairhorns/Klad Hest/Gnar Hest/Knife Library, is a prolific maker of electronic and experimental music, who strikes a very… Continue reading

Sweet Repose

Devon Sproule / The Pictish Trail @ The Louisiana, Bristol 04.09.12 Reviewed for Bearded Magazine The twelve rugged and beautiful square miles of the Hebridean isle of Eigg are undoubtedly too small an area… Continue reading


Trojan Records Presents: Freedom Sounds. CD Box Set Review. Reviewed for Listomania Released on 6th August, to coincide with fifty years of Jamaican independence, Freedom Sounds is a five-disc trawl through the decades since,… Continue reading

“Drunken gods at a birthday party”

Bearded’s Guide To… Bristol: An Interview with ANTA for Bearded Magazine For those who think prog-rock died in 1974, think again. Like every genre or style, it has been re-invented, re-interpreted, fused, abused and… Continue reading


Annette Berlin Plus Friends @ Cafe Kino, Bristol 21.07.12 Cafe Kino plays host to popular Bristol night ‘Plug 58’ Reviewed for Bearded Magazine With the centre of Bristol teeming with Harbour Festival attendees, Saturday… Continue reading


Latitude Festival 2012 @ Southwold, Suffolk 12 – 15.07.12 Reviewed for Bearded Magazine (with Danny Le Guilcher) Queen of the boutique festival scene, Latitude’s seventh edition is once again held on the Henham Park estate, not too… Continue reading

Selling England By The Pond

Interviews Bearded’s Guide To Bristol: An interview with Rasha Shaheen of The Liftmen for Bearded Magazine The Liftmen are comprised of full time members Neil Smith (vocals/guitar), Rasha Shaheen, and Jamie Whitby-Coles (drums/organ/vocals), though they are… Continue reading

EP/LP/Single Reviews


Creative Writing Update

Latitude Festival Spotify Playlist for Bearded/Latitude

Handpicked tunes to get you the mood for this year’s Latitude Festival. The continuing rise of the independent label has many knock-on effects, one of which is in providing increased diversity to mainstream… Continue reading




  Live Music Reviews   Esmerine / Eric Chenaux / Olan Mill @ The Cube, Bristol 13.05.12 Reviewed for Bearded Magazine


SINGLE REVIEW: PRINCESS CHELSEA – THE CIGARETTE DUET EUROPEAN TOUR EDITION) (Lil’ Chief Records) Release date: 14/05/12. Reviewed for Listomania In terms of a concept, New Zealander Chelsea Nikkel’s stab at the modern… Continue reading


Live Music Reviews The Black Twig Pickers @ Cafe Kino, Bristol 26.04.12 Reviewed for Bearded Magazine Sadly, too few are present to witness tonight’s trio of talent from Virginia, and Bearded only hope… Continue reading

The Human Heart

Single Review: AGE OF CONSENT – ‘Heartbreak’ (Inside Animals). Release date: 11/06/12 Reviewed for Listomania EP/LP/Single Reviews

Publicise blog with picture of sister’s cat mauling Dappy, maybe get a couple of extra hits . . .


Single Review: MOTHLITE – Something in the Sky (Kscope) Reviewed for Listomania If ‘Something in the Sky’, first single from the second Mothlite album, Dark Ages, and free download album track, ‘Zebras’, are… Continue reading


DYNAMITE PUSSY CLUB – THE CHURCH OF YEAH! (Motor Sounds) Reviewed for Listomania When Charlemagne, king of the Franks, was busy laying the bloody foundations for his empire, and eventual legacy as some… Continue reading


CHRIS T-T / SHE MAKES WAR / OXYGEN THIEF The Louisiana, Bristol – 16/04/12 Reviewed for Listomania Bath Tonight is the first night of a month long tour for the Brighton based wordsmith Chris… Continue reading


Bearded’s Guide To… Bristol Dave Artscare. Interviewed for Bearded Magazine Unassuming in appearance, sporting a regulation cap, T-shirt, combats and trainers, ‘Artscare’ Dave is a true supporter and stalwart of the local music scene… Continue reading


SHOP OPENING This very evening, Wednesday the 4th of April, at 4pm sees the launch party for a new artist run shop in Bristol. Paper Scissors Stone is calling itself a temporary emporium… Continue reading


M SHED VINTAGE WEEKEND 24th/25th MARCH.  The M Shed is Bristol harbourside’s shiny new museum, that, to coin a cliché, brings the past bang up-to-date. It therefore seems an entirely appropriate venue for… Continue reading


Little Battles


Bearded’s Guide To… Bristol The Cube cinema is a venue worthy of many accolades; it’s a jewel in Bristol’s crown. The homely, intimate atmosphere and fixed cinema seating makes for a highbrow experience… Continue reading


Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny / Goodnight Lenin / Emma McNeill @ The Louisiana, Bristol 28.02.12 Reviewed for Bearded Magazine Tonight’s sold out show is a real hotchpotch; part inter-band… Continue reading



GPT. HI. !!!

HYSTERICAL INJURY’s Dead Wolf Situation Album Launch w/ THOUGHT FORMS, SHE MAKES WAR & KLAD HEST The Green Park Tavern, Bath. 11/02/12 Self described gloom-pop act She Makes War opens the show with… Continue reading


ROCK IN YOUR POCKET – GUTTERDUB (ARTSCARE). ALBUM REVIEW: 8th Feb 2012 Rock In Your Pocket is the lovechild of Charlie Beddoes (vox/bass) and Ben Fisher (guitar/vox); a child that, though nurtured –… Continue reading

FEB. Bristol Preview

For Bearded Magazine


“DUNGEON SEX” with HYSTERICAL INJURY Interviewed for Bearded Magazine Dead Wolf Situation (Crystal Fuzz), the debut LP from Bath/Bristol, sister/brother duo The Hysterical Injury has been a long time coming. “Imagine driving Penzance to… Continue reading


Interview with Swimming Theatre Reviews

Swimming – Live Review…interview to follow!

Swimming / Poppy Perezz / Fixtures @ The Louisiana, Bristol 24.11.11 Reviewed for Bearded Magazine Some bands are better than others. Some bands seem better than they are until they are held to account… Continue reading

An exceptional weekend of live music:

St Vincent / Cate Le Bon The Fleece, Bristol.11/11/11 Reviewed for Listomania Bath Tonight’s sold out show buzzes with the air of great expectation that surrounds a classic Bristol tour date. Rain has soaked… Continue reading

run, Walk! and others dazzle @theGPT in Bath.

run, WALK! @ The Green Park Tavern, Bath 28.10.11 Reviewed for Bearded Magazine Armed with a fierce determination, an eye for style, an ear for the simple yet potent powers of rock and roll,… Continue reading

Preview of Siskiyou tour:

For Bearded Magazine Siskiyou Announce European Tour Canadian four-piece Siskiyou will start their European tour with seven nights in the UK. Main man Colin Huebert, formally of Great Lake Swimmers teamed up with Erik Arnesen… Continue reading

First single review on this site…

EP/LP/Single Reviews

Love Love Inks

Love Inks / Swimming / Hi-Fiction Science @ The Thekla, Bristol 21.09.11 Reviewed for Bearded Magazine A sparse crowd, upstairs aboard Bristol’s own boat that rocks are treated to an eclectic display of 21st… Continue reading


EMA / GHOST OUTFIT @The Thekla, Bristol – 15/09/11 Reviewed for Listomania Bath I have read various reports of tonight’s main acts not living up to their recorded selves in live shows. I’m happy… Continue reading


SARABETH TUCEK with support from GAVIN OSBORN. @Thekla (top deck), Bristol. 13/09/11 Reviewed for Listomania Bath Praise must first be given to those at the good ship Thekla, who have decided to put more artists… Continue reading

A great night at The Croft.

SCREAMING FEMALES / THE HYSTERICAL INJURY / CAVES / ROCK IN YOUR POCKET / BELLIES / THE DIVEBOMB REVOLUTION / BLACK ELEPHANT      @The Croft, Bristol 11/09/11. Reviewed for Listomania Bath Artscare and Offbeat join forces to… Continue reading

New page added:

Interviews Love Inks. 07/09/11 Interviewed for Bearded Magazine Love Inks are the trio from Texas’ music capital Austin whose brand of minimalist guitar pop has brought the band success at home and in Europe too.… Continue reading


Shonen Knife/ No Cars/ Parrington Jackson @The Fleece, Bristol 20/08/11 Reviewed for Listomania Bath The laws of appropriation are pretty much clear in music: Anything Goes – and Japanese bands have been selling their take… Continue reading

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