Creative Writer, Journalist (Cloudrunner) & Musician

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I was born in the winter of 1981; six-foot snowdrifts lay in wait outside the hospital window. Life slips by in phases, transitions, more phases; your own existence noticeable to others through memory, and other lies we tell ourselves. Aware of myself to a degree, through my impression of now, and then, I try to let the words take flight, and I write in the hope that the mind will open ever wider, until it finally engulfs the whole of my time. I just can’t get enough of my own imagination.

I am currently writing my first book, which is part novel, part short story collection.

I try to keep in touch with real-life too, so I regularly write short plays for my friend’s website, Talon Arts (Play of the Day) 

Here, on this site, you will find my journalistic exploits, mostly written as my alter-ego Cloudrunner, who is an endangered species, and a bit of a music nut. Cloudrunner’s work appears regularly on the Bearded Magazine  and Listomania Bath websites, though I have written for numerous other people and publications including God Is In The TV.

In truth, I have an insatiable appetite for Art in general, and gravitate to others like me.